The June Blues

Posted by Jeremiah J. Johnson on July 5, 2012 at 11:05 AM

Well it's been a while since I have reported anything on here.  Actually, just checking back, I noticed that the month of June was void of any news, opinions or stories!  It seems I had the June Blues :(  Really not much went on in June at all.  None of the dogs that I know of went to any hunts or did any winning.  I say it's pretty hard to do any promoting without any winning, or even much hunting going on overall.  But, this year has already started off to be quite warm and I am sure this is why things have slowed down.  I guess every summer is about the same.  They all just tend to slow down until Plott Days in the beginning of August, which is the Dog Days of summer.  Really a terrible time to have a Breed Days and competitions of any kind because it's too hot for the dogs and the participants.  You have to be a trooper to want to do anything that involves being outside day or night!  And, hope to get lucky and have some showers cool it off some and keep it from being drier than dust.

The only good news I have is that our buddy, Curt Ahring, picked up a Digger pup to take back to the farm.  And, I've talked with another potential pup partner in Jason Brown of Florida.  At this time, I am not sure if I will roll the dice and try to get one more partner on board, or just keep the SS pup, or just sell her outright.  It usually goes, the more you put yourself out there trying to help folks out some, the more chance that something is gonna come back and bite ya!  Kinda like an ill dog that hasn't figured out he was ill.  Well until you and him found out after he sunk his pearly whites into your 

However, I think to be successful in the Plott breed you have to continually expand your network/team of people, if you want to be a successful "breeder".  Everyone talks about "lines" of dogs and "breeders", but now-a-days most folks make a cross here and there, and voila!  They are said to have their own line of dogs.... :)  I guess in one cross those "breeders" can tell you the traits that are gonna show up in the litter because they have seen it over the many years they been breeding.  Or, better yet, I love the stud dogs and owners (I am talking and have been talking about all breeds here in general on this) and they have now become "breeders" and the stud dogs have their own lines as well.  Once again, I just can't fathom what has happened to the people of the coondog world.  I have seen the coondogs overall become a lot more populated with "culls" and it seems everyone and their brother wants to be a breeder and anyone that has a dog is considered a "breeder" now.  Well that's all for this edition.  Sorry to ramble some, but the news has been slim pickens and I needed to get my blog on!


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