The June Blues

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Well it's been a while since I have reported anything on here.  Actually, just checking back, I noticed that the month of June was void of any news, opinions or stories!  It seems I had the June Blues :(  Really not much went on in June at all.  None of the dogs that I know of went to any hunts or did any winning.  I say it's pretty hard to do any promoting without any winning, or even much hunting going on overall.  But, this year has already started off to be quite warm and I am sure this is why things have slowed down.  I guess every summer is about the same.  They all just tend to slow down until Plott Days in the beginning of August, which is the Dog Days of summer.  Really a terrible time to have a Breed Days and competitions of any kind because it's too hot for the dogs and the participants.  You have to be a trooper to want to do anything that involves being outside day or night!  And, hope to get lucky and have some showers cool it off some and keep it from being drier than dust.

The only good news I have is that our buddy, Curt Ahring, picked up a Digger pup to take back to the farm.  And, I've talked with another potential pup partner in Jason Brown of Florida.  At this time, I am not sure if I will roll the dice and try to get one more partner on board, or just keep the SS pup, or just sell her outright.  It usually goes, the more you put yourself out there trying to help folks out some, the more chance that something is gonna come back and bite ya!  Kinda like an ill dog that hasn't figured out he was ill.  Well until you and him found out after he sunk his pearly whites into your 

However, I think to be successful in the Plott breed you have to continually expand your network/team of people, if you want to be a successful "breeder".  Everyone talks about "lines" of dogs and "breeders", but now-a-days most folks make a cross here and there, and voila!  They are said to have their own line of dogs.... :)  I guess in one cross those "breeders" can tell you the traits that are gonna show up in the litter because they have seen it over the many years they been breeding.  Or, better yet, I love the stud dogs and owners (I am talking and have been talking about all breeds here in general on this) and they have now become "breeders" and the stud dogs have their own lines as well.  Once again, I just can't fathom what has happened to the people of the coondog world.  I have seen the coondogs overall become a lot more populated with "culls" and it seems everyone and their brother wants to be a breeder and anyone that has a dog is considered a "breeder" now.  Well that's all for this edition.  Sorry to ramble some, but the news has been slim pickens and I needed to get my blog on!


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Seems like it is bittersweet for Zues' homecoming here this weekend.  I am sure Chase will be happy to have his ol' buddy around now that he's wanting to do some coonhunting again.  However, the possums better be on the lookout after Zues gets back.  I really wish that things could have worked out better down south for him, but it is what it is and thankfully Mike gave him a chance and hunted him.  But when he got to treeing as many possums as coons, I couldn't fault Bert for wanting to move on and send him off.  It is sad that Zues was doing decent otherwise and was able to tree them southern coon late in the morning and in some pretty bad weather.  Hopefully, it will have helped him become a better track dog and when he returns to the coon zoo up north it will ultimately have made him a better dog for it.  But, a big fault has to be worked on and something figured out or we're just gonna have to accept him treeing possums!  Hope the next go around on here about him is about him slowing down or quitting the grinners and getting back into the winner's circle again!

Exciting News!

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We have some very exciting news going on!  Mr. Mike (Bert) Bertrand of Walnut Cove, N.C. has decided to through his hat in the ring and hunt Heyzuess this next year.  We can't be anymore pleased to have Bert agree to take on Zuess for us.  Bert has run and won the Purina Race Plott Breed title three years in a row (Brent Zink now owns Jake II) with his former dog Jake II.  Technically it will only be two consecutive years as he sold Jake II earlier this year.  But, Bert had a commanding lead and would have taken the title himself if not for unforseen circumstances.

We can not wait to see what this new duo can accomplish this next year.  In baseball terms, a blockbuster trade has happened.  We've gotten a proven superstar to steady the helm of the ship and to make a deep run for a few players to be named later.  Bert might not always get the credit he deserves for his hard hunting, dedication and winning, but we all know that he is a proven winner and knows how to get it done!  All we can say is look for these two at a hunt near you, or just look in the magazine to see where team Brindle Thunder has been!

Good luck Bert & Z in 2012!


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We all are pretty excited about TREED.TV heading to Millennium Magic Plotts in Michigan this upcoming weekend!  The fellas say they can't wait to cut up with Mr. Curt Ahring and the TREED.TV crew.  All I can say is watch out coonhunting world!  I can't wait to see the episode.  I am sure there will be new fans of TREED.TV after the brindle dogs put a lot of color into the show.  More info to come!  Stay tuned.....drop the tailgate....and.................."let's go coonhunting boys" - Mr. C. Ahring

Exciting News for July!!!

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Team MM is gearing up for an exciting July!  I am proud to say that over a decade that my dad & I have met some really great people and made some great friendships!  During this time we have come across others who share our passion for the plott breed and our dogs.  Luckily, we have come in contact with some really good folks and hope to share with them the success and excitement of winning with a good ol' plott dog.  We've all traveled similar paths and have endured the struggles of trying to accomplish something.  We are on the right track and I am very happy to be able to show off what we've done.  I hope y'all will enjoy it.  Stay tuned.....Drop the tailgate boys!

Dog Eat Dog World

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As I sit here thinking about the last decade, I realize that the realm of the Plott breed is a dog eat dog world.  Well that is if you like to get caught up into the action, try to make friends, become boisterous enough with an ego big enough to mutter words "bettering the breed" and so forth on this big, ol' internet.  Most aren't worried about bettering the breed, but rather battering the breed.  Truly, most should just better their own kennel, their own dogs because there has never been "a" breed changer.  Those who look are gazing and searching foolishly and posing as the righteous speaking with a childish, green tongue.


The positives associated with this technology is that there is in essence "cyber club houses" all over.  Each filled with Plott fanciers of all types.  Depending on where you go, you will find that all fanciers, breeders, lovers, hunters and so on all come together on these message forums, these cyber club houses.  This glorious evolution had many excited and others challenged.  The naievity has bethroned some and these have tried to dethrone and climb the internet rankings.  They have associated and decieved all the while in the name of kinship and betterment of the breed.


The irony is that what began as a great way to seek out others who share similar passions for the dogs and find historical knowledge, stay up to date on the winners, share stories, and root for others, or even share in tips, well that has changed.  The isolated incidents of jealousy and harsh words were few and far between in the Plott community.  Now, the arguments have become the norm.  And even worse, the veil has been pulled back on many.  But the worst is that there are still serpents in the shadows lurking still covered in innocence, but they will too be unveiled as their forked tongues will split for all to see.  It is just a matter of time and a matter of the truth being told.


It has become disheartening for those of us who have been around since the beginning of the cyber club house message forums over a wide variety of sites that include most of the major Kennel Clubs with a few others thrown in there.  The craziness has taken over, hipocrisy is rampant, jealousy has reared its' ugly head, it has become just like a normal club house now.  There are rumors, accusations; there are those who perch themselves up and enjoy the dog eat dog world.  Just now it has become easy to sit behind a screen and lay claims out there seeming anonymous, seeming harmless in those minds that type the hateful, the dreadful, the truth, the lies, the rumors, the fantasy and make believe.  The internet has become a tool of malice and people of decency have turned to ignorance.


Things are never what they seem or appear upon further inspection.  Online friends are not the same as a true friend.  Without looking a man or woman in the eye and seeing their face, you will have no indication that the lies that they spread behind your back and their lack of any sort of truthfulness, honesty, integrity or lack of any moral fortitude are what truly define them.  Not a PM, not a text message, not a phone call, not a posted response on a message board.  No, it's become a dog eat dog world.  No one is exempt.  Many just don't know yet. 


If you want to make friends don't have a good dog because it's the fastest way to loose them.  If you want to know why reread above; it's a dog eat dog world.  So if you want to run in a pack, know your place.  If you want to run in the front, you better learn to run alone as the lone wolf!  It is sad but the truth is when you engage in activities with dogs in the Plott breed you are as my buddy would say, stepping into a snake pit!  Those boastful enough to think themselves snake charmers will end up bit the strongest.  Those who think standing outside close to the pit is safe will soon learn that it is perilous as well.


The words of wisdom spoken to me years ago about joining the Plott breed race ring even truer today.  Don't try to make friends, don't think anyone is your friend, stay away from the sirens of the pack mentality.  Make your mark and make it alone.  Leave the "plottitics" well alone and you will be way ahead because the overwhelming jealousy will consume you; and then, you will be envious as well.


The climb up always ends up in a spiral down.  It's a dog eat dog world, and it's even worse when you get fleas!


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As most of you might know by now, my good buddy Levi Ward lost his female, Cowgirl, a few days ago.  She had just whelped pups off of Digger again and we were excited about the future of them SS puppies.  Then, unfortunately, Cowgirl passed on due to complications and the last remaining pup, who Levi had been bottle feeding, passed on as well. 


It is a very sad time for us, and it hit Levi pretty hard.  Cowgirl and Levi had done lots of winning, mostly in PKC after he Nite Championed her in UKC.  Cowgirl was out of PKC World Champion Buckeye Bud, and was Levi's best dog!  I hope to put a page up on Cowgirl here sometime soon.



History of hunting dogs

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Prehistoric man appears to have partnered with canines over 20,000 years ago for hunting. How exactly this occurred, we will perhaps never know. However, what we do know is that cave paintings, murals, and other pieces of archeological evidence suggest that this partnership began at around the same time that human beings were organizing themselves.


Early hunter-gatherer groups used dogs in the hunt for fowl and small game. Dogs that were probably nothing more than domesticated wolves were adept at spotting and flushing out game. Often, this meant that the animal would then be chased and harassed to the point of exhaustion and collapse, whereupon the humans would close in and finish the job with spears, stone knives, and arrows.


The Egyptians utilized large Molossian-type dogs to hunt a variety of animals, including large game, and were probably the first group of people to begin seriously breeding dogs for their specialties. The Mastiff dog was developed and refined, as were the sight-hounds that have now become so prolific. Over desert expanses, the Egyptians highly valued these dogs for their skill in sighting and coursing game.


Greeks and Romans, who had a great deal of free time because of their lifestyles, devoted much of their time and attention to breeding dogs for use in hunting. The style of hunting thusly changed with human lifestyle, as dogs were trained to hunt sport and nuisance animals, such as wolves, bears, and even lions and other large cats. In fact, hunting became something of an elitist function, and in this and other societies was reserved purely for the aristocracy. Many nobles had a dying request that the image of their best hunting hound be engraved on their tomb, or even buried with or next to them.


The use of dogs in hunting became quite widespread throughout the middles ages. Dogs became highly specialized, and the following groups developed strong bloodlines:


Sight Hounds: Dogs that spotted their prey across great distances, and quickly closed in for the kill. They have superb vision.


Retrievers: These hunting dogs were specially designed to retrieve birds from the water after they had been shot down. They have webbed toes for powerful swimming, and water repellant coats.


Pointers: Pointers were developed to do just what their name implies: locate and point at game. They possess exceptionally keen senses, and can easily pinpoint even the most secretive game.


Scent Hounds: Scent hounds were and are today some of the most hardy dogs known. They were especially good at locating and tracking prey by scent. They were very efficient and methodical in their tracking, and have been known to follow the same scent for several days on end without rest.


In addition to the above groups, the spread of the use of firearms also required that gun dogs be developed for hunting. Feudal paupers who had severe rodent infestations developed terrier breeds to hunt and eliminate vermin and small prey. Particular breeds became very compartmentalized: there were specific breeds for hunting each of the following: fowl, wolves, bears, squirrels, hogs, foxes, rodents, deer, and many others. Many of these breeds still survive today, although still many more have become extinct and even forgotten.


Today, we use dogs in hunting much the same as we always have: Labradors wait patiently in duck blinds; Jack Russell Terriers ferret out rats, badgers, and groundhogs; Beagles track and harass foxes to their death. The specific purpose for each of these hunting types is so ingrained in the particular breed that it has actually become part of their nature. In the above examples, this is why Labs love water, why Jack Russell's cannot resist a good hole, and beagles will run off after certain types prey. They cannot help it, as it has actually become instinctual to them. Our hunting dogs always have and continue to serve us well. We should take their intended purposes into account in their daily lives, and ensure that they are allowed to do what they were built for: to hunt.

Upcoming weekend

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I am looking forward to this weekend and for some success in the nite hunts!  It looks like we'll have a couple of dogs running, and I hope both can get some cast wins.  Hopefully Ivy will get her 1st place win and finish out to NtCh, and Zuess can just place and he'll be NtCh. 


It's funny as I thought that he was finished as he got a cast win at the Zones this year, but I guess he didn't place and advance to the Finals so no points were awarded and he is still needing just 5 points to get there.


I hope to have some info to post later on this weekend!  Also, I started a Breeding category on here to write my thoughts on breeding, how I've bred, how I am going to breed, etc.  I wish I had more time right now, but it's getting late and I have been swamped at work as well.  My stress levels are off the charts! 


Plus, it's pretty crazy that I don't have time to write about my new addition coming to the kennels tomorrow as well.  I am really pumped about it and I hope to have some product out this at the end of winter.  So, now I am debating whether or not to put Digger back into the Super Stakes program or not because of the option on just doing a litter registration!  I have a feeling next year will be the year we stir up Plott Nation and get things buzzing.



Coon season

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Well although I won't be getting out anytime soon, coon season is just around the corner up north.  I always tend to get excited when October rolls around each year, and this year is no different.  Well except once I again I can't be out there in the bush with the dogs. 


I always loved being able to get out early in the evening and tie on many good nights of hunting during the season and work with the dogs and have the leaves off!  Plus, it always consisted of having some young dogs or pups out there getting their first taste of the fur!  I have so many memories of coonhunting and lots of stories of taking my buddies out and introducing them to the thrill of the chase and the taking of the game. 


However, times have changed and the nights of grabbin' a dog out of the kennel and just heading across the road or behind the house are becoming a thing of the past because of all the urban sprawl that happened during the "housing boom".  The ol' government did way more harm to us hunters than many realize with the no doc loans and the everybody deserves a house legislation that run rampant and ended up putting us in this double dip recession and terrible economy.  Meanwhile before the big bust, many city folks were migrating out the country side swalling up good farm land in patches from farmers cause the price was to good to pass up.  Now, all them good ol' spots have been overrun with folks who don't know the country lifestyle nor about the creatures of the night, the coonhunters and our passion to follow the hounds.


I surely could go on about losing hunting grounds, but I want to focus my energy on the excitement that fall brings and all the "dreams" that begin to foster in my mind as them young dogs start treeing their own coons, and figurin' out how to run a track right, and the sweet sound of the locate rolled over into a steady chop!  I imagine that this young'un might be doing this in the finals of World Hunt or a major hunt with everything on the line.  Maybe even the keys to a brand new truck or a pile cash, or at least a plott dog that's gonna whip some tail come spring in the Nite Hunts!  But, it's easy to think, wow!  This might be the next Buckeye Bud, or Sizzlin' Heat, or another Candyman for us.


I wish y'all well and hope that you too may enjoy this fall and have all the same dreams, and excitement that I miss so dearly.  If you are out there hunting, just enjoy and cherish those moments!